Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Justine Goes English

Justine here!  I have been gone for over a year now, off doing something I am told is called reining.  It is where you run circles and then run fast in a straight line and have to stop hard, sliding fast, and then you turn in really tight circles that Trainer calls Spinning... I'm not really great at reining yet but they said I have flashes of brilliance.

Well last week Trainer said I had to go to a new place because my little sister Cinder, is going to learn how to balance humans on her back and finally start earning her keep.  The new place I went to does this thing they call "dressage" and you wear a REALLY light and small saddle and still balance a human on your back and still canter in circles but you also have to trot a LOT in circles, kind of weird this trotting a lot stuff but I really like the new human balancing on my back, I call her "Friend". She's really good at explaining to me what she wants and showing me how to do it. I really like to understand things so this is very nice for me.

Attached is some video of my new 'thing' called dressage with "Friend" balancing on my back.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dancer's Spa Day

It's about time!  I FINALLY got my spa day.  HuMom groomed me from head to tail and worked all the wind knots out of my mane shampooed mane and tail and massaged my back with something she calls coat polish.

After the relaxing spa treatment she had a second surprise, Farrier Joe came to give me a pedicure!  I enjoy pedicures by Farrier Joe because he tells me what a nice girl I am.  Girls like to have compliments bestowed upon them and he does a good job of it!

When we were all finished, HuMom fed us dinner and provided room service to our stalls.

All in all, it was a very nice day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

CC Emmerson Echo aka Scabman

They are calling me Scabman. Scabman... Can you imagine any less cute nickname?

Just because I am having some kind of allergic reaction to something (Doctor didn't know what made me allergic and I don't know what allergic even is!) and happen to have tiny scabbies all over my back and tummy HuMom and Barnfriend (she's my friend cause she feeds me and doesn't make me work!) started calling me Scabman, not very nice if you ask me.

It's also not very nice that they make me eat this not very good powder stuff they say will make me feel better and then they also make me have a sudsy shower and get those scabs scrubbed off and that makes my skin kind of sore so I don't like it one bit.

On the good side I don't have to balance HuMom or any other person on my back until those scabs are all gone so I think I'm gonna try to keep them around for awhile. I also get to go for nice walks while I dry off and can eat some grass which is pretty OK if you ask me.

But once HuMom says I have to start balancing her on my back again, I think I'm going to give her a little buck just so she knows I did not like the scabman nickname!

Monday, January 18, 2010

BF Fabulous By Design

FINALLY, my poor, poor fans, being deprived of my amazing grace and words of wisdom for a whole YEAR! I am back, you're beloved Elle!

In the past year that HuMom (we decided huMom was better then huMAN since she's our 2 legged Mom not a man, hmph) had many things happening which prevented her from allowing us access to the computer and so we have had no online voice.

HuMom now has a shiney new toy (we call it the SNT) in the form of a super duper laptop and a new camera so I can finally allow you all to gaze upon my beauty and share in my words of brilliance.

HuMom says as soon as the sunshine comes out we can do a photo shoot, I can't WAIT for the photo shoot, I mean I AM BF Fabulous By Design so photo shoots are made for me like fish are made for water!  In preparation I'm going to shed out my winter wardrobe and gain a shiney new spring coat, I want to look my best for all of you, my adoring fans.

In the mean time, be sure to check in regularly to read about my newest Silly Pony Tricks!

Long Time No Voice

Hey, it's the Silly Ponies and we're BACK!

It's been a year since we last found our voice and then due to our human's crazy life, we lost it until recently.

Now that we've found our voices again, you can look forward to hearing OUR side of living life with the huMom and her Rocketman and her dogs.  We're very glad to be able to share tales of how things truly are since huMom tends to get the facts mucked up.

So keep a look out for our new tales and drop us a note to let us know what you think!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Winter Holidays!

The Silly Pony Crew would like to wish everyone a very Happy Winter Holiday! No matter what you believe, we believe in good times, good friends and full hay mangers!

Because we're off playing with Santa's Reindeer and then Celebrating New Year's with Santa's Elves we're going to be taking a hiatus until January 5th, until then, enjoy the Sled Racing game above and eat, drink, be merry and Safe!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Silly Pony Trick For December 22

Well that snot 'company', Cinder, hogged the computer keyboard on the weekend so I did not get to come address you, my fans, and for that I appologize. With all this snow, the human has been too busy to bring the computer out to the barn so I can use it... she seems to think hauling water to me is more important... I say it is EQUALLY important and she needs to prioritize her priorities and make a list of them!

So, because the snow is now about one foot deep here, I came up with a delightful new game last night while Human and her male human were hauling water to our tank... When one of your humans bends over to get a good grip on the very heavy container of water so they can drag it up to the tank, wait until the small of their neck shows in their coat and take a big bite of snow then drop it on the back of their necks...

You will LOVE the squeal of "ACKKKKK that is COLD... ELLLLLLLLE!!!" and you can then high step trot off with your tail over your back and snorting all the way, hehehehehe....